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Ask at the register, or call to sign up. 402-393-1121 To avoid being disappointed, we strongly recommend reserving your place in classes well in advance!


Saturday, April 5th—Wiccan Study Group 7:00—9:00



Mondays, April 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th—Pantheons Class with Sarah.


Class fee $20 each or $60 for all 4


Class #1

What is a Pantheon? We will be discussing the pagan connection to pantheons and polytheism. Where do we fall on the polytheism spectrum? What is polytheism about and why do we feel the need to connect to a deity or pantheon? We will answer these questions and more as we discuss how to go about finding your niche in the world of pantheons.


Class #2

We will begin to delve into the specific pantheons. Beginning with the Greco/Roman and Egyptian pantheons we will get to know more details about them. Explore what we know about these deities and maybe learn something new.


Class #3

We will go further into learning more about specific pantheons by discussing the Celtic and Norse pantheons in more detail. Building on the discussions of week 1 and 2 we will learn more as we go.


Class #4

There are many pantheons in the world. In this class we will take some of the information we learned to touch on other pantheons that are of interest to those in the class. Each class member will have an opportunity to present information on a pantheon not previously discussed in the other classes.




Tuesday, April 8th - Akashics Class with Tracy.


Class fee $25


You may have heard the term Akashics before, but what is it?  It is said that each soul has a Book of Life that holds all the information from every life that soul has lived.  It contains the lessons we have learned, those we are currently learning, and even those we have yet to learn!  Come learn more about this incredible source of information, how to access it, and how it can help you right now.  If time permits, have a question ready as I will do some mini readings at the end!


Saturday, April 19th—AURA Photography 11:00—4:00 $20



Saturday, April 19th—Wiccan Study Group 7:00—9:00



Sunday, April 20th - CLOSED FOR EASTER



Friday, April 25th - Conjure Q & A

 with Jacki Smith & Nicki


Class fee $20


We all have so many seemingly small questions that can stop our magic dead in its tracks. Did I tie this right? Can I blow out my candle? What do I do with the leftovers? Does the moon matter? What if I miss a step? What if I do it wrong? What qualifies as a personal concern? Jacki and Mama Izzy will answer all your questions,  and perhaps stir up a few more! Together, Jacki and Mamma Izzy have been conjuring magic for decades. They have already made all the mistakes, and even more importantly, recovered from them too! It's not often these two can get together, to compare notes with you, and laugh until we all hurt.



Saturday, April 26th - Transformational Magic Class

 with Jacki Smith  Noon - 1:30

Class fee $40


Your wand hand can get very tired casting the same spell over and over

again. So Jacki Smith will teach you to use magic to transform and heal the core issues  causing your struggle. Jacki will guide you thought the 7 Steps to creating Core change (as found in her Coventry Magic book) and show you how to use that as a road map for transformational magic. Get ready to dig deep into your spirit and create personal miracles.



Saturday, April 26th - Healing Your Family Tree Class

 with Jacki Smith  2:00 - 3:30

Class fee $40


The first and most powerful lenses through which we view life, are the

family legacies we are born into. These legacies can either empower, or

curse us. When you shake up that family tree, to heal and clear those

family influences,you have the opportunity to heal your entire family…past and future.

Jacki uses the meditation from her book "DIY Akashic Wisdom" book to take you on

a journey to healing the legacies that are not working  in your favor,

and embracing those worth retaining.



Saturday, April 26th - Spirit of Conjure Class

 with Jacki Smith  5:00 - 6:30

Class fee $40


None of us like a friend to just takes, takes, and then takes even more. After a while, you turn a deaf ear to their pleas for help. Likewise…Spirit doesn't care for that either. We are taught how to make the bag, set the light, turn the trick, but what is the spirit behind it? Jacki Smith of Coventry Creations contributes her magic and mojo to the relationship she has with her divine allies and spirit helpers. In this class, she will talk about her methods of connecting with spirit, discuss the varied types of spirit helpers, and show you how to make a spirit doll to get your relationship with spirit rolling.



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