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Ask at the register, or call to sign up. 402-393-1121 To avoid being disappointed, we strongly recommend reserving your place in classes well in advance!


Saturday, August 2nd—Lammas Ritual 1:00—3:00 FREE



Tuesdays, August 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th

Psychic & Mediumship Workshop.

7:00—9:00 Class fee $20 per class.



Friday, August 8th

Charles Adriano Healings. 11:00—6:00.

Call for appointment. $35 for 30 minutes.



Saturday, August 9th

Explore What’s in that Photograph Class with

Rev. Kev. 1:00—3:00. Class fee $20.



Saturday, August 9th

Charles Adriano Healings. 11:00—6:00.

Call for appointment. $35 for 30 minutes.



Saturday, August 16th—AURA Photography 11:00—4:00 $20



Saturday, August 16th & 30th

Intuitive Healing with Crystal

Noon—4:00 $20 per session.



Saturday, August 16th—Tarot & Pendulum Study Group

with Pagans of Nebraska

7:00—9:00 FREE TO ATTEND




Friday, August 22nd

Ancestral Clearing with Gina Martin.


Class fee $37 in advance, or $42 at the door.

Please call the store at 402-393-1121 to reserve your place!


Do you or your family have illnesses or issues that just don’t go away? No matter what you have tried it still lingers? You may have ancestral influences holding you back. Ancestral clearing can be used to address: Chronic illnesses, Weight issues, Non beneficial behavior, Phobias, Lack of motivation, Depression tendencies, and so much more.

Ancestral cleansing is not just for removing obstacles, but also for adding positive, healthy things into your life, such as: More prosperity, Better people, More creativity, Better sleep, Higher grades, and Improved athletic ability

This is a group session, which makes the work even more powerful because as it is cleared for the person that steps forward to address an issue it also clears for the group. So even if you don’t want to talk about your issues in front of others your items will be addressed also. I encourage people to bring a list and after class I will check for you to let you know which issues have been cleared even if you never showed me your list at the beginning of class.  This class is not to replace regular medical care or the advice of your doctor. It is to release stubborn energetic patterns that limit your life and fun.



Saturday, August 23rd—What exactly IS Freemasonry?

Lecture with Charlie. 11:00—Noon 



You know you have always wanted to know what Masons do. Why do the guys wear aprons? Do all Masons drive little cars in the parades? How can I become a Mason? All these questions, and more you had not even yet thought about, will be answered during this one-hour presentation by Charlie. Men and women are equally welcome to attend, so bring your friends, and your questions! Light refreshments will be served.





Saturday, August 23rd

Palmistry Class with Frederick 2:00—4:00.

Class fee $25.



Wednesday, August 27th

Tarot 1 Class with Tracy.  7:00—9:00

Class fee $25


Have you ever wanted to learn how to read the cards like the professionals do?  Learn the basics of Tarot reading for yourself.  Tracy will walk you through the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, where to begin, how to learn the cards and the class will do an actual reading together.  We will also put to rest some of the common questions and myths of Tarot reading. Class fee $25.



Saturday, August 30th

Traditions and Paths of Wicca Study Group

with Pagans of Nebraska 7:00—9:00





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